• Carolina Seafood Buffet - Kill Devil Hills, NC

    task: Create basic web presence with contact information, menu, tutorial, and basic social links.


  • The Sandbar & Grille - Nags Head, NC

    task: Create basic web presence with contact information, calendar, menu, contact, and social links.


  • Team Gandersen - Wedding / RSVP

    task: Design Simple, jQuery website with RSVP form and Wedding Information


  • Manteo House - Manteo, NC

    task: Adapt and code provided design to responsive wordpress template. Design And Copyright By Manteo House & Outer Banks Media


  • Graves Mill Storage

    task: Create a web presence for local secure storage facility and manage updates, pictures, and Google Adwords / SEO


  • Jolly Roger Restaurant - Kill Devil Hills, NC

    task: update online presence for local pirate restaurant. Showcase events, daily specials, and create contact form to better allow communication with customers. Website turned over to customer for self-management.


  • L. Oppleman's Pawn Shop (America's Oldest est. 1890) - Lynchburg, VA

    task: Redesign website for better interaction with customers.


  • Lynchburg Steel - Monroe, VA

    task: Create website using colors from Logo. Showcase projects on every page.


  • Butterfields Golf Cars - Montvale, Virginia

    task: Create online presence for a local large Golf Cart dealer business.


  • Computer Sales & Repair

    Most PCs reach their end of life at around the 5-year mark. It may be fixable, but often the labor or parts to breathe new life can be nearly as costly as a new computer. Don't buy into quick fixes or software solutions the big box stores offer.

    • Repair

      If your computer is running slow or has a virus, there are primarily two courses of action. Firstly, your documents and music can be backed up and your computer wiped clean like it was brand new and your software and documents restored. Or secondly, the system will be scanned, and any problems fixed. Depending on what's wrong and how bad, a recommended course of action will be presented to you based on success, duration, and thrift.

      Most computers take an average of 2 billable hours to fix, with a 2-3 day turnaround. Priority, night, and weekend options available.

    • Sales

      When you find yourself needing a new computer, do you trust a technician or a salesman? We know which systems break, what elements to look out for, and will always put the customer first. Get a computer that keeps on working past its' 5th birthday, or get an economical one that has room to grow. New, used, or refurbished; there's a right one for everyone.

    • Trade-In

      Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! You may be able to get something for your old or broken system. There are often still usuable parts that can be valuable towards the purchase of a new machine.

    • Restore & Transfer

      Even if your computer dies, your data may be safe! If your hard drive is still healthy your documents can be copied over to a new computer, or the drive itself can be externalized for future backup ensuring a long life for your irreplacable pictures, documents, or other priceless data.

    • Apple

      Every system has it's merits, and Apple stands strong as one of the best on the market. Migrating your data to your new Mac should be as easy as the system itself. In the off chance that something goes wrong, it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to repair, and you shouldn't have to drive hours away to find out what's wrong.

  • I.T. & Networking

    Don't be a slave to wires and instability. Call someone who can stabalize and centralize your date and connectivity.

    • Centralized Data

      Smooth workflow can often depend on the abilty to find a specific document, or the most current revision of data. Using a Server, Network Attached Storage, or an off-site host can make sure your business stays afloat; even when your machines don't.

    • Get Clutter Free

      Any system that has been "grandfathered in" is most likely a tangle of cables, plugs, and hardware that may not even be in use anymore. Consolidating hardware or eliminating unneccesary components can make troubleshooting issues a breeze. Effective cable management can prevent fire hazards, tangles, and may enable some workstations to go wireless altogether.

    • WiFi

      Homes, Rentals, and Businesses are finding an increasing need for WiFi to supply access for a growing number of laptops, iPads, cell phones, printers, and other devices. In most cases, you can have your WiFi up and running in under an hour! You can create free, password protected, or even "Billable" access to the internet at your own convenience.

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I Believe that honesty, hard work, and perseverance in the face of adversity is what sets you apart from the crowd. My success is based on the satisfaction of my clients. In a fast paced world, it's easy to fall behind; I'm here to help you get ahead.

About Me:
In this hyperactive world we're so overloaded with information and availability that individuals can get lost in mix. Working with local businesses and providing excellent customer service has always been a passion of mine. To place my name on a service means I will stand by that commitment. I may not be able to change the world; but I can improve my surroundings. I do the work I do because I relish it. Beginning in my childhood, my appetite for technology has driven me on a path to a successful career. With every task, it's just something else to love. Ideas of giving the world something new and innovative without any physical elements is, and has been, an exciting challenge that I welcome on each step.

~Aaron J. Gundersen